Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Daniel Code

Hands down one of the BEST books I've ever read.
And for someone who reviews at least a dozen books a year, that's saying a lot.

O.S. Hawkins does an amazing job in bridging the gap between Daniel's time and this era. We truly do live in a modern day Babylonia. So much is taught and accepted that is contrary to the Word of God. And as Christians we often get caught up the idea that we must force the world to adhere to Christian beliefs. Yet we can be like Daniel.

Daniel understood that he would accomplish more if he just lived his life in obedience to God's Word. He knew that the kingdom he lived in was not obedient to God' Word but he didn't have to be like them. And in his obedience God shone like a the city on a hill.

I think that is the call to us today. We can't change the law. We can't force people to care about their neighbor beyond trying to make them adhere to Christian beliefs. But what we can do is love them. What we can do is LIVE out our lives in accordance with God's Word.

Whatever you do not believe in, do not promote it, do not do it. And leave it at that. Sometimes our lives is the only bible some people have ever read. So we need to make sure they're getting an accurate representation of the Word.

I sincerely recommend this book to EVERYONE. Does not matter where you are in your walk with Jesus. You should read this book as it will help live the Word of God in a world that is similar to Babylonia of Daniel's era.

{FYI: I did receive this book through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Store

I just wanted to share with you some bible studies (and a journaling devotional) that I've written. They all come in PDF format. And are extremely affordable: roughly $3 each. 
You can find them here!

If you purchase a copy, I'd love to hear your feedback and if you have a suggestion on a topic for the next study, comment below :)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth promises to be a memoir of two different women who lives have intersected and the current result is the She Reads Truth community, bible studies, and their book.

It is one told from differing perspectives (made clear by name who the speaker is in each chapter).

It starts with Amanda retelling the period of her life when her father was dying. It is an introduction of sorts into the book and why she read truth. 

I'll be totally honest. I am not a fan of the book. I can appreciate the stories they tell. But overall I could have done without reading the book at all. 

The two perspective format of storytelling (in my opinion) only works when they are telling two different perspectives of the same story. Not jumping between two stories, two lives. 

Nothing grabs me by the collar and pulls me in deeper. It's like telling a story but without a climax. Where's the climax? Where's the aha? Where's the wow? And that is what I was hoping to find, to no avail.

Maybe this book will work for someone else. Maybe it won't be so back and forth and trying to piece together like a patch quilt. Maybe it will all make sense for the next gal.

But for me it didn't do it. I'd give it 2 stars out of 5.

{FYI: I received this book from the publisher (B&H) in exchange for my honest opinion.}

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Girl Talk

How often do mom's want to better connect with their daughters? Especially through the teen and preteen years and if they cannot connect personally, at least know that someone they trust can connect with them.
I'm that mom. I want to connect with 9 year old better than we already do. I want her to feel as though she can trust me with any and everything on her heart. 
But that's not always the case, so my prayer is that she will turn to God, turn to the Bible, and turn to a trusted adult, like a grandparent or aunt or uncle.

I like this book as it is first broken down weekly (undated) then broken down by day. Each week starts with a story and each day of the week relates to that story. The goal of this book is to help young girls see that other girls go through similar situations that they go through. It helps them to start journaling and relating Scripture to their lives. 

My recommendation: give this to your daughter, your niece, your cousin. She will glean from this. It will help her understand and possibly spark a few conversations about what she reads. It will help her see the beauty in the life around her.

Thus far I will say I love everything put out by the Faithgirlz brand. 

{FYI: I received this book from BookLook Blogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pocket Prayers, anyone?

How many people have trouble praying? 
Sometimes we just don't what to pray or how to pray. Or rather we run out of prayer.
The best part of this book is the variety of topics and it is small enough to be taken on the go (in a purse, diaper bag, or for men in a pocket). 
But let's say you want to pray on a specific topic, there's a topic index in the back of the book to help you go exactly to the topic you want to pray on. Each prayer also has coordinating Scripture as well.

I tend to keep this book by my bed, if for no reason than as a prompt to pray. Some days I refer to it when I want to pray on specific topic, other days I pray on my own.

What the book looks like. The cover feels like suede almost.

A peek in the book as to what one of the daily prayers look like. 

{FYI I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Jesus wants His church back??

Jesus called and He wants His church back.
Now of course that statement isn't literal, but it packs quite the punch when thought about.
For example, when we think about the church here in America, we see that there is so much inconsistency to point that one thing that is surely consistent is offense and disobedience.
Many times we, Christians, argue when people disagree with us. Rather than loving them in spite of the differing perspectives. We try to damn them to hell instead of loving them to heaven.

Ray Johnston, has written this book to address the fact that the church does more of what IT wants rather than what GOD wants. We have become comfortably lukewarm and we often forget that God spits out the lukewarm (chapter 6).
We are comfortable watching from the couch or social media rather than getting up and getting literally involved. 
Then Johnston, presents Jesus in seven different ways: Jesus who wants us fully alive; Jesus who wants us to stop playing it safe; Jesus who wants to use us; Jesus who redefines greatness; Jesus who is inviting; Jesus who still believes in the church; and Jesus who is a magnet for sinners.

I think like the Pharisees, many of us forget that Jesus came for those who were in need of Him. If you got it all together then where do you need Him?  If you refuse to acknowledge your sin, then what do you need Him who took on the price of your sin?

I think this book is good, it is greatly needed. Because this generation has the greatest access. Access to bibles, access to church, access to other countries.

{FYI I received this book through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prayer & A.W. Tozer

The first thing to note is that this is a compilation. It is not a complete direct book written on prayer but rather a compilation of sermons on prayer. So there will be times where you will be reading a decades old sermon on prayer by A.W. Tozer and there will be times you will be reading the current day reflection from the compiler.

Note that it is not an instruction manual or guide. It is a peek into the sermons Tozer preached on prayer. The goal is to help us understand the necessity and the priority prayer should take in our lives. To help us see how prayer is not about us nor is it a singular event. 

Prayer changes us and humbles us and in effect glorifies GOD. It is us saying to GOD, I cannot do it on my own, I am in need of a savior of THE savior of Jesus Christ. My strength is no strength at all and is not enough. I need the strength of the Father. 

And that is some of what you will read from Tozer.

{FYI: I received this book from Moody Publishers, in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

66 ways God loves YOU

There are 66 books in the bible and they all fit together to tell an amazing story of God's redeeming love. 

Jennifer Rothschild takes each book of the Bible and relates God's redeeming love for us to readily see and understand. It's almost like being able to be read 66 love letters. Love letters from God's word, from each book of the bible. 

There are many times in which we need a very real and very clear reminder of God's love for us and this book provides 66 of them.  I say read them for yourself. Read them to your children, read them to a friend who may be struggling. 

This is from the book of Exodus (I enlarged it so that the words can actually be read)

{FYI: I received this book from the publisher through the BookLook Blogger program in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Beginner's Bible Bedtime Collection

This is a collection of Bible Stories for Bedtime Stories. So instead of the Mother Goose rhymes or other books for bedtime stories, we...