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I'm Kris, married mama of a starting line up (literally). Welcome to my blog dedicated primarily to book reviews with a few extras thrown in here in & there. Also, check out the sidebar where you'll see the current prices (via Amazon, this also helps provide for my family) of some of the books on the blog...One thing you'll always get is my HONESTY. If I don't like a book or won't recommend it, I will tell you that.  I love your comments and suggestions. I look forward to reading them. I've also written a couple devotionals/bible studies as well designed a small line of t-shirts which you can find on the store page. :)

If you decide you want to read posts on Christian Living and theology, visit me over at Redeemed by the Cross. There are no book reviews nor any sales ads.

I am on here!
I am on here!
I am on here!

You can contact me for booking, interviews, guest blogging/posting at:

I look forward to connecting with you.

Love to you!!!

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