Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Unexplainable Church

The Unexplainable Church, the second bible study by Erica Wiggenhorn on the Book of Acts. This one covers Acts 13-28. It covers what happened to the church! And this is a big deal because we are to live this out daily, so what better way than to study what happened with the church and how God grew them and used them for His glory to further spread the Gospel around the world. The study is ten weeks long with specific questions and reading for five days.

(table of contents)

In the first week, you will go back into the earlier part of Acts (mind you this Bible study is a continuation from an Unexplainable Life Acts 1-12) and read on the forming of the church as well as Paul's conversion because that plays a huge part in early church history.

I really enjoyed this book because it's Scripture driven and centered. It seeks to help us understand and interact with God's Word. Not in it being focused on us (because the Bible may APPLY to us it is not about us) but in its actual context. And by helping us to understand God's Word, Erica helps us to connect with God through His Word. Oftentimes we are called to pray God's Word and speak it back to Him, but how can we do that if we do not know it? So we must study.

Hugely recommend this book as well as its predecessor, An Unexplainable Life, to study your way through the book of Acts.

{FYI: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

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