Friday, April 6, 2018

Lies Women Believe

I remember the first time I heard about this book, it was a number of years ago and I was quite curious as to what it contained. Then the expanded edition was set to launch and I applied for the launch team, didn't make it. But then the book showed up in the book reviewer program as an option and I JUMPED AT IT. Thankfully, one of the admins even allowed me to received the study guide as well to review at the same time. AWESOME. Usually its only one book at a time.

I have literally taken my time reading through this book to review it. Studying through it with the companion study guide and it has been eye-opening. 

So there are three sections in the book: Foundations, Lies Women Believe and Walking in Truth.
Chapters 2-10 cover the lies women believe in specific areas: 
  1. Lies we believe about God
  2. Lies we believe about ourselves
  3. Lies we believe about sin
  4. Lies we believe about priorities
  5. Lies we believe about sexuality (note this section is not in the original)
  6. Lies we believe about marriage
  7. Lies we believe about children
  8. Lies we believe about emotions
  9. Lies we believe about circumstances.
     The companion study guide further expounds on the book. Each chapter in the study guide starts with what section of the book it covers, recaps that section of the book, then has three question sections: Realize, Reflect, and Respond. 

     It asks you personal questions that help you to identify if you believe this root lie and how the belief and action upon that lie affect your life. Sometimes we say we believe one thing but the way we act and live our lives shows that we really don't believe what we said. For example, we can say we trust God but does every action we make show doubt? We can say we believe that the Bible is incorruptible and the absolute truth but do our actions show that? Because if we did, we love more and forgive more. We'd love people, treat them well, and still rebuke the sin in their lives, without fear of their reaction or anyone else's reaction. 

     I can tell you off the bat, the chapters on sexuality and children will immediately ruffle many feathers as these go heavily against the culture we live in. We live in a culture where it is fairly acceptable to be gay and if you refuse or do not accept it, you're labelled as judgmental and hateful. We live in a culture that says it is fairly acceptable to have abortions. We live in a culture where premarital sex is not a bad thing and adultery is ok if you're not happy and even glorified on TV and in movies.

     Now depending on where you are on the spectrum of beliefs will tell you just how offended you might be by this book. If you're pro-choice and accepting of LGBT then you will be offended. And you NEED to be. Maybe then you may read God's Word and realize that culture does not dictate TRUTH. Just because it has been regarded as acceptable by people, does NOT make it acceptable to the Lord. The ancient Israelites learned that with pagan worship and lost their hedge of protection for a number of years because of it.

     I HIGHLY recommend this book and the companion study guide to EVERY generation of women. We are in a place to influence those around us and we need to be a godly influence. We aren't called to sound like or look like this world so why do we attempt to do so?

{FYI: I received this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

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