Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Journal the Word Reference Bible, NIV

So this Bible came last week (one of two that came for review). And I was SO thrilled. Why? One is it is a journaling bible but more because it is a reference journaling Bible. This is quite rare. Usually, most bibles do not have cross-references in them like so. The last couple of study bibles I received did not have cross-references. And for good studying, you NEED cross-references. Why? Because it allows the Bible to speak for itself and be its own commentary.

As you can see it is actually quite thick. So I do not recommend this become a Bible to tote around with you because it is heavy. There's also a ribbon marker. 

This is what the average page looks like. It is a single column with ample writing space. And there's a single column that shows verse by verse cross-references. The pages are thin but not so thin that my gel pens (I use these instead of highlighters) bleed through.

This is the back of the packaging so you can get an idea of all of the other resources in it. For example, the dictionary-concordance feature is really nice, of course not quite as comprehensive as having a completely separate book for it but still good enough. Also, as you can see this is a red letter Bible (words of Jesus speaking are printed in red). And I love the elastic closure as it allows me to leave a thin notepad with my Bible without losing it.

All in all. 2 thumbs up. Literally one of the most resourceful journaling Bibles that I've had the pleasure of coming across. 

FYI: I received this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my HONEST opinion.

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