Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's the last week!

Hi folks!
So we're winding down to the last week of our time here in Chicago. So the best surprise came Sunday evening. My husband surprised us by flying in 4 days early!
(My children and I on Easter.)
So as of now, we are up to our eyeballs in Wedding stuff but the great thing is that my mommy loves all of the decor and flowers. Her dress is BEAUTIFUL...mine is form fitting, mermaid dress in a beautiful sage green with a nice little train.
Thankfully my mother and new step father are helping with the children so we can have a few date nights prior to us heading back to Orlando.
Now on to the funny stuff! Our youngest has taken to calling his grandma...Annie. LOL.
Then Caleb has a lovely fascination with the Geico commercial and the guy sings Two tickets to paradise:
It's absolutely hilarious to listen to him sing along with the commercial.
There will be LOADS of new book reviews coming in May and June. Hubby tells me I got tons of new arrivals waiting back at home. And while I'm here I'm reading "Firefly Island" by Lisa Wingate so that I can review it soon (its a fiction novel).
Oh...check me out on Whole Magazine! Where I have a few book reviews under Lifestyle. And a few articles as well...under Lifestyle and Relationships.
Have an awesome week!!!

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