Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jesus Today

I got Jesus Today (teen version) as a book to review and this is one of those books I am quite conflicted about.

The conflict comes in because it is apart of the Jesus Calling series of devotional books by Sarah Young.

A lot of the criticism that comes for this series is the way that Sarah Young writes in the first person as if it is God speaking to the reader. In this book, the perspective of writing is the same. However I have noticed that there is scripture included to go with each day's selection. It's almost as if (in this book) that Sarah channels what she believes the Lord is speaking to us based on different passages of Scripture.

I can understand the argument against Sarah Young. Yet after reading the devotions (not the entire book but many of the devotions) I can understand where she is coming from. Many preachers of today speak to us in a similar tone of voice, helping us to grasp the way God loves us and wants fellowship with us. Oftentimes we get so caught up in judging a person that we do not take the time to review a message along with the scripture attached to it. And realize she's not trying to actually mimic God but trying to help a hurting people see Jesus as we should see Him. Jesus wants relationship, God wants relationship. They want us to see the Bible a handwritten note from Him to us.

My honest opinion: I don't see the harm in this book. Why? Because I can see that Sarah Young is attempting to bridge the gap between what the bible says and how we can literally apply it to our thought pattern and our lives. In how we think and act in reflection of the bible. I will say it is more appropriate for both adults and teenagers.

{FYI: this is my honest opinion. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion).

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