Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Strong & Kind

As a parent have you ever sat down to think of character traits you wanted to instill in your children?

I mean, sure kids have those ingrain traits but all of those traits are not good nor do we want them to sustain those traits. For example, Caleb (our 4 year old) has developed a tendency to be selfish with his things and while if left unchecked could become a very nasty character trait to have. As parents we have chosen to prune his character early and abolish that tendency before it becomes a hardcore character trait.

I'd been reading the book Strong & Kind by Korie Robertson and if you watch Duck Dynasty then you know who she is. If you don't then, here's a quick update: Korie is the wife of  Willie who now the head of the family business. She's been a mama for over twenty years, so I'd say she's got plenty of practice and experience.

I'd made it my business to add this book to my collection because I have yet to read anything from this family that I disliked or disagreed with. I love their principles and how grounded they are in the word of God.

In this book Korie details Strong & Kind, the two character traits that she and Willie decided they wanted to pass on to their children. They agreed while their children was young that they wanted them to be strong to endure in this world and to be kindhearted people.

 And in that choice came the realization that you cannot want to develop those traits in your children without developing & living them out yourself. It is ever so important to make sure that whatever character trait you choose to develop in your children that you LIVE THEM.

The book is awesome because it doesn't just focus on those two character traits but many character traits and the living those traits out as parents. Because as most of parents have realized its a "monkey see monkey do" world not a "monkey say monkey do" world.

Without realizing it, my hubby and I had already been modeling certain character traits for our children. My husband has been showing our children to be hardworking and consistent and to be well dressed. I'd been showing my children the importance of books and reading but also of love. My children will quickly hug you and say I love you. Because that's how their mama is. I like warm friendly welcomes. Give me a hug not a handshake! lol.

And prayerfully the good retains while we kick the bad traits out of all of us. :)

{FYI: I received this book via the booklookbloggers program in exchange for my HONEST review.}

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