Monday, December 22, 2014

A Father's Love

Every time I get new books to review for myself, I am always sure to get at least one book for my babies to read and tell me what they their own book reviews.
This month that book is: A Father's Love From the I can Read/Adventure Bible Series.

My big girl, said she loves this book! This is the first time that the prodigal son story captured her interest. And the vibrant colors is what caught the interest of Caleb and Christian. 
I love the book for those same reasons. It is clear and gets across a beloved bible story. The illustrations are bright and catches the eye. 
The other thing that I enjoy is that Kaylee can read this book on her own without asking for help with pronunciation or knowing what a word means, which is really important to her.

The prodigal son story is one of a spoiled son who takes advantage of his position in life as a wealthy heir, he parties and spends all of his inheritance eventually falling so low as to WISH to be a servant in his father's house who have access to food to eat (he does not) and a place to call home (he does not). However what the prodigal son does not count on is the fact that his father loves him too much to allow him to be a servant. His father is so thankful he has learned and come home that there is a grand celebration of the prodigal son's homecoming and the son takes his rightful place next to his father. Then there was the older son who did everything right and asked why? Why does the son who does everything wrong gain a celebration when he returns? Mind you the older son never got such treatment. The father then reminds the older son, that he will inherit everything the father has and the older son never left or needed reminding that he was loved.

Don't our children go through that regularly? They get in trouble and are disciplined and they have to be reminded that they are indeed loved and the discipline is for their own good. This story is completely needed for our children to know that it is always wiser to do what is right. Your parent will always love you but they won't always be able to save you from the consequences of your actions. The Lord loves us and forgives us. However He will allow us to make our own decisions and bump our heads until we turn back to Him.

{FYI: I got this book from the publisher, Zondervan, in exchange for my honest opinion.}

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