Monday, January 20, 2014


Ah loveology. How many of us don't need a course in loveology? lol.

At first I was a bit skeptical about the book. Then I started reading and it became very interesting to me.
The book tackles love from a biblical standpoint. It tackles different angles of love from romantic love to agape love but it always come back to romantic love.
John Mark Comer views love as the ultimate. It is completely God's design and consistently in use by Him. John Mark Comer takes different stories of the bible and shows where love is inter-weaved in it and how it applies today. For example many of us want to date in a way that is acceptable to God and some defend dating as we know it saying its off limits because its not directly addressed in the bible. Comer goes to show that while dating may not be directly addressed in the bible, the bible does show different relationships as they progressed and how we use that as a model for how we should date.
 In biblical times and even still in practice today in some areas of the world, the parents chose a man's wife. Now of course we wouldn't dream of allowing our parents choose our spouse. Nope we want full control of that. 
One thing I like that Comer points out is how Isaac when presented with Rebekah he immediately married her. He didn't wait a few years to see if he liked her or sleep with her first to see if they were sexually compatible. NOPE. He married her then he loved her.

I think this is where today's generation gets it wrong. They think they need to trial test people. No. If you think this is who you are meant to marry then guess what? You marry them. Isaac didn't get perfection in Rebekah! She's the same woman who encouraged her son Jacob to manipulate Isaac to get Esau's heritage!
You don't need to see if you're compatible by having sex before marriage or living together before marriage! No you know if your compatible by your faith in God. Does he/she love God more than they love you? Are you in agreeance on what you want out of life? Children, living situation, education, church, ministry??

I also love how Comer takes the relationship God wants with us and shows the romantic qualities in them. The bible refers to the church as Christ's Bride. Does it get any more romantic than that? To be referred collectively as His bride? I don't think so. Everything Christ does is with His love for us and obedience to God at the forefront. How much more loving does it get? To have a heavenly husband who pursued us and died for us so that we can be pure and blemish free when presented to Him.

This book, I got from the publisher, is an advanced copy as the actual book itself does not hit shelves until February 4th!! I really recommend you get a copy! Doesn't matter if you're already married, single, engaged, divorced. You need to know the relation of love from the beginning of time to where we are now. It may very well help you make better decisions in regards to your own life.

What do you think of loveology?

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