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What happens when it feels like you've hit rock bottom?

Recently it felt like I hit rock bottom in my marriage. While we have been thriving in many areas of life, our marriage had hit a point in which it was do or die. 
What I mean by that was, I'm sure at some point most relationships hit that flight or fight point. We had ours and I must say it was scary and painful and relieving. It scary because no person gets married thinking it could end. It was painful because you have to face yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But it was relieving because we were able to talk about quite a few things and recommit ourselves to the vows we took.
Marriage can be so beautiful if we move out the way and do it God's way. Another thing we have to remember, and I had to realize, is that marriage is a place of servitude. Especially as a wife. As we are called to be helpers. Our husbands are not our helpers and I think that's where many of us go wrong, thinking he's supposed to consistently do whatever to help us. NO. It's the other…

Women Living Well

Ever have that one blog you enjoy? Well I happen to enjoy Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls, the founder of both blogs, Courtney Joesph has written a BOOK! And it launched YESTERDAY!!!! You can order it on Thomas Nelson website or find it at your favorite bookstore!

The book is entitled Women Living Well and its about just THAT. It's geared towards women who want to live, who may need direction in different areas in their lives. I personally have enjoyed this book as a member of the book launch team. 
One of the things that I have gleaned from reading this book has been that it is more than important to take time for self because if I burn out how can I be of help to my husband. Another thing that I have gleaned is how important it is to respect my husband but also the ways that disrespect comes across. I also love that Courtney addresses motherhood in such a way that it does not make mothers feel guilty for their own specific way in raising their children but she gently enco…