Thursday, September 5, 2013


More recently, I took the time to go down memory lane reading through older blog posts. And something that stuck out to me is the conviction I have had in the area I struggle the most with: SUBMISSION. This is one area I have always struggled with. It seems like I will do well with this area for a little while then I will fall back off. And Lord knows I NEED to strengthen in this area. 

I address this area because I know that I am not the only wife who has issues in this area especially the wives of my generation because we are a product of the generation who were told to be strong and independent. I want to be strong but in a feminine way not independent but interdependent because I am married woman. Independence is for singles.


One thing that I am coming to realize is that Love and Respect is the key to submission. At the point that my respect for my husband falters, that's when my submission falters. I've coming to realize that another major key to submission in marriage is true submission to Christ. When I am in complete submission to Christ that is when I am most submissive to my husband. 
I need to get rid of the cycles that I have fallen into. There are times in which I go strong in my walk with Christ and then there are times when I have fallen off and my walk is not strong at all. I want and NEED to get to a point when my walk is always strong and always in sync with the Lord. 

I share this because I want other wives who may be going through the same thing to know that they are not the only one. That there is someone else who is going through this with you. And that there is hope, His is name is Jesus.

 ( My husband, kids and I with my mother at her April 2013 nuptials)

Let's WALK with our KING together!

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