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The Bible Savvy Series : A Review

This is a four book series that is pretty awesome. The series is made up of Epic (book 1), Foundation (book 2), Context (book 3), and Walk (book 4). It is probably best to read these books in correct order as each book builds upon the previous one. For example what is learned in Epic will be touch upon in Foundation, however if you don't read Epic first you may feel a bit off.
 I guess because I spend quite a bit of time in my bible and I already own 2 study bibles, I didn't quite get much out of  the Foundation and Context books. I must say that Epic is my favorite of the four. And Walk is usual at any stage in life.
From my reading of the series, I can safely say that I believe this series was written with the intention to break down the bible for people who want to read it but find it a daunting task as there are many different types of writings, set in many different time periods, by many different authors. 
If a person is new to reading the bible or is new to actually st…

Bickering in Marriage

Something I need to address, as I am sure that if I go through it so do others....bickering and arguing in marriage. This is something that must come to a HALT. It is ugly and foul. It does not glorify God...and everything we do needs to glorify God. I realize this in my own marriage, that things arise, small things, things that should not even give pause for bickering...does indeed cause much bickering. It's almost as if there is an angry undercurrent steady at work and it has to be stopped. 
I pray for my marriage and also for the marriages of others who may also be battling with bickering and arguing. It starts within, we must realize when we allow ourselves to get worked up. We must ask ourselves is it worth our joy? It is worth grieving the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:25-32). NOTHING is worth grieving the Holy Spirit. Nothing is worth putting space between God's Spirit and ours. I ask that you join in me in prayer, in keeping our marriages, our spouses uplifted in prayer.
This …

NIV Leadership Bible

This Bible also includes:
The complete text of the best-selling modern-English translation, the New International Version (NIV) Bible.Book Introductions that underscore key leadership concepts in every book of the Bible.Home Pages and Daily Studies offer 52 weeks of studies on topics important to every leader.Study Windows reinforce the understanding of Biblical leadership throughout the text.Character Profiles show how the personal attributes and decisions of biblical characters affected their relationships with others.Topical Index highlights Bible passages most relevant to specific concerns.Bibliography (^^^^This is the description the publisher gives of the book.)
This Bible is absolutely AWESOME. First the image you see ^^^ is the sleeve that the bible comes packaged in. The Bible itself is Italian leather duo tone, a light caramel and a dark caramel.
Because of the type of Bible that it is, there is no footnotes (as one would see in a study bible) but there are leadership notes, …