Monday, April 15, 2013

Men...Women....and Cheating

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                This is a topic that seems to baffle me. It's baffling because there are so many young women who are becoming tolerant of their men cheating even going so far to say that it doesn't matter as long as the guy comes home to them and takes care of them. But what does that say about you?? What does that mean for you? Have you not seen the film: Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor?? Because if you did then you'd understand just EXACTLY what the repercussions of cheating and/or allowing cheating could do to you!
                  When you read the bible, you'd read that marriage is for life unless one spouse commits adultery. There is a reason why divorce is not permitted unless adultery is committed. Because once a person shares their body with a person who isnot their spouse, they create a dangerous soul tie. On top of that there are the chances that the cheater could bring home unnecessary issues such as STDS, a fatal attraction, or even illegitimate children. But of course I'm guessing young people think these things won't happen to them. That they wouldn't, couldn't contract an STD, or that they wouldn't have illegitmate children. But I'm very certain it happens regularly.

                   Then there are the women who defend cheating, believing that the guy loves them because he spends so much of his time or money on them. But who are they trying to convince others or themselves? Because a man who truly loves a woman KNOWS that cheating on her is valid grounds for losing her, so he'd rather be faithful than to step out and lose his lady. The funny thing is that you don't see men defending their girl cheating stating that its okay because she spends her time with him. NOPE. A dude will leave a chick so quick for cheating, they not trying to hear the whole "baby I love you" speech because they figure she shared something that should have been his exclusively. That is the stance people NEED to take. They need to understand that one man, one woman, for one STILL in effect. It won't change.

             The moral of the post is that whatever you ALLOW will happen to you. So if you defend and condone cheating then guess what? You will be cheated on. But if you raise your standards, you will see a difference. Better yet? Try not having sex at all UNLESS you married because then the person you will won't have a choice but to want you for you and not what's underneath your clothes.

If you have not seen Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor....GO SEE IT. It may change how you view relationships and cheating. It may also remind you not to take your spouse for granted.

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