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Some of our favorite music

Love this my children and I's favorite worship songs! Love Kari Jobe's voice!

This one too!

Tamela Mann...SANGS from her heart! And you can feel it. I love this song and the message. Many a times we just need to lay OURSELVES down at the feet of the King.

This is a live performance of this song is South this song! The kids love it too!

Does your family have any favorite worship songs? If so please do share them so we can check them out!

Homeschooling For Our Family

Our family of course does not fall into the traditional category of homeschooling as we adhere to Florida State standards and we use the Florida Public school curriculum through their FREE homeschool program (K-12, through Connections Academy). I love homeschooling because when Kaylee succeeds, I'm right there to cheer her on.
So that was my disclaimer, for families who are strictly doing more traditional homeschooling methods and curriculum. I chose this form of homeschooling because it works very well for us as the homeschooling parents (I find it very hard to put together a curriculum and it can be quite expensive purchasing one).
So this curriculum actually works as it includes (for Kindergarten) sight word reading books and Kindergarten level reading books. What I love is that Kaylee has a homeroom teacher who checks in with us monthly for an assessment to see that Kaylee is not only learning but also to point out areas, that I may not have recognized, to work with Kaylee on. T…

Devotional Review

I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the 365 day devotional Revealing Jesus by Darlene Zschech! I love it because it is COMPLETELY scripture based. Each daily devotional starts off with a specific scripture or passage (completely written out so you don't have to whip out your bible) then the devotion builds upon and discusses that scripture and HOW we can APPLY that scripture to our lives. I love it.  I'll be honest I've read other devotionals and I've put them down because they didn't have enough scripture or wasn't fully backed with scripture however with this devotional that is NOT the case. It is fully scripture based...every single day of devotion. I love the way the author Darlene Zschech includes the way we can apply the daily scripture to our lives. I think that is a problem area for many people as we read, we go to church, we worship, we fellowship, we follow yet we sometimes have a hard time practicing what we learn/read. And this dev…

Men...Women....and Cheating

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                This is a topic that seems to baffle me. It's baffling because there are so many young women who are becoming tolerant of their men cheating even going so far to say that it doesn't matter as long as the guy comes home to them and takes care of them. But what does that say about you?? What does that mean for you? Have you not seen the film: Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor?? Because if you did then you'd understand just EXACTLY what the repercussions of cheating and/or allowing cheating could do to you!

                  When you read the bible, you'd read that marriage is for life unless one spouse commits adultery. There is a reason why divorce is not permitted unless adultery is committed. Because once a person shares their body with a person who isnot their spouse, they create a dangerous soul tie. On top of that there are the…

It's the last week!

Hi folks! So we're winding down to the last week of our time here in Chicago. So the best surprise came Sunday evening. My husband surprised us by flying in 4 days early! (My children and I on Easter.) So as of now, we are up to our eyeballs in Wedding stuff but the great thing is that my mommy loves all of the decor and flowers. Her dress is BEAUTIFUL...mine is form fitting, mermaid dress in a beautiful sage green with a nice little train. Thankfully my mother and new step father are helping with the children so we can have a few date nights prior to us heading back to Orlando. Now on to the funny stuff! Our youngest has taken to calling his grandma...Annie. LOL. Then Caleb has a lovely fascination with the Geico commercial and the guy sings Two tickets to paradise: It's absolutely hilarious to listen to him sing along with the commercial. There will be LOADS of new book reviews coming in May and June. Hubby tells me I got tons of new arrivals waiting bac…