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        So today's topic? Home-schooling. Many people that I know tend to give our family the side eye because we homeschool our daughter and will homeschool our son when its his time. 

         So why do we home-school? Well for two reasons, its what works best for our daughter and more importantly we believe it is what God has led our family into doing. I'll be honest I like having a job and being able to soundly contribute to our family financially however since our daughter turned five, working outside the home has NOT been an option for me. And Lord knows that I have tried.

When it comes to following the prompts God gives us, we try to always adhere to what God tells us. So one thing that has definitely been on that list is me being home. Taking care of our family, our home, and home-schooling our children. I am quite aware that this arrangement cannot work for every family, I'm just thankful that it does work for our family. I'm aware of the families that need both…

The Ministry in Marriage and Motherhood

Ministry/Minister: one who serves or assists someone else; an exercise of one’s gifts and resources(Dictionary of the Life Application Study Bible, NIV). This is the biblical definition of ministry and what a minister literally does. Would you believe we minister every day?
As a wife and mother of two, I’d never really thought of ministry, I always viewed it as having to do with preaching and teaching of the Word. Then between reading Desperate by Sally Clarkson & Sarah Mae AND talking with my husband one morning. I REALLY realized that even though I don’t particularly serve in a “ministry” I actually do. What I mean is that in serving my husband and children, I am in ministry. There is ministry in marriage and motherhood.
As a wife, we are called and created to be a helpmeet. Eve, the first woman/wife/mother, was created to be a helpmeet. She was created to serve and glorify God. When you help a person, you aren't taking charge and leading them, no you quietly help them as they…