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Love & Respect

              Love and Respect. Two very intertwined entities. I decided to address these very important topics because they of just how important they are.

           (You see how the man is holding the LOVE card and the woman is holding the Respect card but then if you look closer they both have one hand on the opposite card. That's how marriage should be!)

  Regardless to your marital status, relationships need both love and respect, especially romantic relationships. 

I read a status on Facebook that read:

Respect is NOT, I repeat NOT, given!

It is...

          For this gave me pause for understanding. Then I had to look at the person posting. This is a young woman who is single and probably believes that a man has to prove something to her. And I thought about relationships in general. Many relationships tend to not last for many reasons but I think one of them has to do with the fact that women have made respect optional while retaining that love be unconditional. I will ad…


           Today I read a post on a Facebook group that I am in and it nearly broke my heart. A woman who was "leading" one of the Luke bible study groups had posted that she quit and deleted her group. Her reasoning? Her pastor told her she wasn't qualified to lead a bible study group, that she had not prepared enough. Mind you, she isn't teaching but merely the glue that holds the group together. 

         For instance I "lead" a group as well, I am not teaching in my group but sharing what I learned and encouraging my group members to share what they learned so we can feed off each other. I liken it to a college study group. A group of classmates get together to study for a big exam, you take the initiative to get everyone involved, ask a few questions and quiz each other on what you're studying. Would you be considered the professor? No, you aren't teaching, those aren't your credentials. What you're doing is studying together.


Faith, Love, Grace, and Prayer

Last night I was thinking a bit before bed. And I thought about the different things I've experienced in the last few years of life and marriage and some of the things I've learned. I've also realized that I wish I had a Titus 2 wife around, you know:
Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine,but to teach what is good.4 Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children,5 to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.  (Titus 2:3-5)
I know that at some point in life I want to be a Titus 2 wife, a woman who sees everything she's been through in life and seeks to help women younger than her maybe even some who are the same age as her but at a place in life that she's already experienced.
As a wife one of the best things I can tell you to do is to be a praying woman! That is a must…

Beyond Ordinary Book Review

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher ( Tyndale Publishers)  in exchange for an honest review of the book.

           First off this book is awesome! However let me explain that in being awesome, it will challenge you. It will ask some REALLY tough questions. Questions that will make you question yourself, your faith and your heart. These questions aren't to discourage you but are meant to help you. I honestly believe this book could transform a marriage even if that marriage does not have the same issues, the same principles can be applied. 

           Now down to the nitty gritty. I did not realize just how much my marriage looked like Justin and Trisha's marriage. We aren't in ministry, yet. However our story is similar to their's and may be that is why I can take so much from this book, from their story and apply it to my marriage and my life.

         There were a few things that jumped out at me in this book:

-Pursuing God involves a willingness to surr…


Okay so lately I've been doing A LOT printing and getting ready for this semester of schooling with our daughter. And since ALL of it is free..I thought I'd share it on here with all of you.

Cookie Worksheet Printables:

Free organizing Printables:

Collection of Homeschool Charts & Freebies (you have to subscribe though):

I love this one! It is a large packet of free worksheets! I found this at Jamerrill's Free Homeschool Deals

Pronoun Practice:

Capitalization and Punctuation Practice:…

Happy New Year!!

          This year my husband and I elected to sleep through the New Year, as we have done since we have been together. I realize that there is no new to make the "new year, new me" proclamations. I'm just saying with the new year comes another year for the Lord to unravel His plans and Will for our lives. I'm thankful to wake up this morning, that my loved ones woke up this morning as well.

       This year was definitely our BEST year YET. We're finally settling into a routine of sorts. I feel emotionally and spiritually closer to my husband. I feel that he is in sync with me as well. I love that he can automatically tell my mood and a lot of times my thoughts. I love that he will speak truth to me regardless to if I get offended or not and loves me through it all.

     Our children have grown. Our daughter, Kaylee, is reading now and writing well. Our son is walking, talking, and demanding. We are actually hoping to add a third child to our family within the ne…