Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Single?? Married?? Get married!

A while ago, I remember thinking that I wanted to be wholeheartedly committed to the Lord. I kept saying to myself I wanted to depend on God for everything. 
Even more so, last year when we were still living in the Chicago area, I had this dream in which the Lord was there teaching a class and when he was done, he came sat down next to me and held my hand. He told me He'd never let go and I didn't need to let go. He reminded me that He is my first husband and that He would walk with me FOREVER.

Now do you understand the impact that dream had on me?? I was on cloud 9 for weeks after that dream. Even more so I have had this unquenchable thirst for the Lord. I am in NEED of HIM every day. It's a healthy addiction. Even right now, I sit back and reflect on that dream and I am giddy all over again. Why? Because I realize that I am the apple of the Lord's eye (you are too!). That as my eternal husband, He will never leave me, never forsake me. As long as I keep my hand firmly wrapped around His I am OK. Even if my grip slips or walking becomes hard, as my gentlemanly husband, He will lift me up in His arms until I am strong again to walk. 

When you read this, what do you think? Do you realize that you too are the apple of the Lord's eye? His Word says the church is His bride. We ALL are apart of the church. So guess what that means? We ALL are the apple of His eye. We all have the ability to have an eternal husband in Him. Even the men. Christ is like the partner you never had. Think of the one person you expect to have your back for the rest of your life. The one person who will be completely honest with you, who you understand any correction from them is necessary for your growth. And that is who Christ is to you.

I encourage you to go and get married to the Lord, commit to having a wholehearted relationship with Him. When you get married, you spend time with your husband EVERY day, right? Do the same with Christ. You make sure to learn His wants and needs, you communicate your wants and needs. Everyone knows that you love your spouse, make sure through the way you live any one could tell you love the Lord. Jesus said, the greatest command is to love the Lord and Love your neighbors. If you love the Lord and your neighbors (which encompasses any and every person your encounter) then every other command will be easier to fulfill.

Isaiah 62:5 NIV
As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder (the Lord) marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride so will your God rejoice over you.

We are the young bride that Isaiah speaks about. God rejoices over us over our love and commitment to Him.
Now rejoice in Him.

~Kris Bush

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