Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marriage & the People.

Marriage is an institution given to us and ordained by God. We as people consistently take vows of that institution binding ourselves to another person. And then when we have questions regarding our marriage or marriage in general, we go to people for answers. Instead we need to divert those questions to God so that we may receive divine answers.

The question of how many times you may be married is a tough question. Think about it. We read in the Bible that divorce is prohibited except cases of adultery. And I'm guessing now and days you add into that domestic abuse. However our generation is willing to divorce over anything. Oh, we don't get along or he's broke are some reasons. Then you have those same people who got divorced over something minor, go remarry and repeat the process. At what point do we tell that person, look you doing too much. You don't need a spouse, you need GOD. At what point do we sit that person down and tell them to reevaluate themselves. At what point do we stop a mess from making someone else a mess.
Hurt people, hurt people. And many times a person will see another person hurting and try to play hero. But instead of helping them heal, they become hurt themselves.

That's why we have God to answer questions as such. Because even though I am married, I do not have all the answers. I am still figuring out this road of life as we speak. My questions I direct to God during prayer because no one else can answer about my marriage. No one else knows God's plan so they can't answer truthfully, they can only give an opinion.

I ask anyone who is considering marriage to really decide if you WANT to be married. Don't think about the wedding because that is not the marriage, its just the ceremony. Do you want to actually be held accountable? Are you willing to give up the Is for We/Us? Are you willing to adopt God's forgiveness (Forgive AND Forget)? Are you willing to understand that the the past has no place in the present/future? Are you willing to see your future spouse for who they are today and not who they were before you? Are you willing to invite God into your marriage to be the glue, the tie, the guidance in your marriage?

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