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Life & value

Where have our values went? Society as a whole, where did our values go. It seems like after the civil rights movement happened society slowly but surely started losing sight of what's important. People started trying to find the get rich quick schemes instead of working hard & being fair. The government made it where fathers are driven from the home in order for their families to get public assistance. When the government should have made it where the ENTIRE family could get assistance regardless to whether the mothers are single or not.
Families started devaluing the importance of having God in the home, in seeking God. I'm somewhat baffled by the no church in school yet the bible is uses during inaugurations & during court cases. Where they do that at?!
I remember reading the bible &  Israel asked God for a king so they could be like other nations. And unfortunately they ended up suffering because of that & God told them they would suffer.
That is an examp…

Think like a lady act like a lady

<p>I see many are enthused by Steve Harvey's book. I think he had good intentions however as women we were created by God in a certain fashion.<br>
As a woman I am thankful that I am not anything like a man. I like that I am feminine that by being a woman that it is a man's responsibility to be the man.</p>
<p>Think about it, in scripture a woman is told to submit in love. However a man is told to cherish, to love, to provide, to protect. He is also charged with being the head of house meaning that God will come to Him when necessary. <br>
Women of course we do the other domestic things such as cooking, cleaning, and nurturing the kids. However I think that's a good trade off. And nowadays men are just as clean as us &amp; some men can cook &amp; enjoy cooking. So its not all on us.</p>
<p>But even if it was I think its a good trade off. I am a stay home wife &amp; mom. I do all the domestic chores however that works fo…

Submission vs. Obedience

As a wife one of our duties to our husband is submission. However in today's society many of us women come from families where we are not taught to how to be submissive nor are we told that in marriage we would need to submit to our husbands. 
Prior to getting married I had not read up on marriage and wifely duties. However I now realize that I never took the time to truly understand how to act upon what I thought I knew. It is one thing to know and acknowledge these things is something completely different to put them into action. Prior to getting married I had a very general knowledge of relationships. Now the longer I am married the more I add to this knowledge. {Now may I remind you I am yet still in the learning stages of putting into action these things. As I learn and better acquaint myself I will inform you here.} 

First off I start (doing this today to see a better me and to have a better marriage) by defining the terms submit and submission. Then I define obey and obedience…

Spiritual Center

Your spiritual center starts with seeking out God. You develop a relationship with Him. You fellowship with Him. You grow in His word. Now many of us get to the crossroad of do I commit my life to Christ and live abundantly in Him OR do I stay living a life of sin being on the fence of obeying God and doing my own thing?
For many who are caught up in a worldly existence, committing their life to Christ seem to be the hardest thing ever.And if you are lukewarm in your stance for Christ, you become mute in your seeking of God. What I mean by mute, is that God is not quite listening to you because you have not committed to Him. You are denying Him full access to you & your life.
Now you feel off, you feel disconnected from your spiritual center. And that is why. God wants your attention & your devotion. And He's a jealous God. He won't allow you to serve Him & sin at the same time. Actually its impossible to serve both righteousness (God) and sin (devil) at the same …


I was on facebook today and I had the fortunate ability to be apart of a discussion on God and women. And a friend of mine brought up the question why does it seem as though women are depicted as the weaker vessel (this question sprang forth after noticing that Eve was targeted rather than Adam because she was much easier to deceive than he would have been yet through deceiving Eve, Adam was deceived as well by Eve herself in her ignorance.).
Another person, a woman Ty, had gave the perfect explanation. The below is her response. And needless to say I LOVED IT. She points out that we are indeed the weaker vessel by design. We were designed to be the more delicate, nurturing and compassionate of the two. That is in no way to say we are less valued or any less important than man. Just that we are more delicate. This is also the reason why women are intended to be homemakers not breadwinners. Taking care of the family and training the sons is the MAN's duty. As a woman I am honored t…


What kind of fruit are you producing? It will determine the kind of tree you are. Think about it. You know an Apple tree because you see apples on it. The same for oranges & pears.
Now as a person either you producing good fruit for God or you producing bad fruit for the devil. There is no neutral fruit or neutral trees.
You can't proclaim to be a godly tree but producing bad fruit.
You can't proclaim to be a godly tree and not produce at all. God has given us the charge to go forth & multiply which also means to produce.Make a choice.

Glory to God

What are you doing in your life? And is that glorifying God? Everything you do in life should give God glory because He should be first in it!
I say this because so many people will dedicate their lives to Christ and yet still commit sins of the world without a second care or a second thought to God. They have this thought that they can continuously take advantage of God's forgiveness. That as long as they believe in Him that what ever else they do does not matter. That is NOT true.
YES. God is a merciful and forgiving God. But please do not think that God is naive! He sees all and He searches the heart. So if you are not sincere in your dedication to Him He will know and will regard you as such.
Give Him the utmost. Give Him the respect He deserves.

Dress how you want to be Addressed.

In modern times in this society women gladly dress provocatively. They voluntarily place their bodies on display for men to ogle. Yet these same women "try" to demand respect. Hold up young lady! Think about your actions. Did you not dress yourself before you came out the house? Did you not dress yourself before you posed for those pictures? So why are you snapping because you are being addressed with the same respect to how you dressed?!
That for me is a problem. I think these young women need help into becoming young ladies. You can't expect lady like treatment without lady like behavior. That's why so many young men think its ok to disrespect women because they see women do it all the time. YES. How you present yourself can be deemed as disrespectful! If you allow curse words to come out of your mouth or refer to yourself as a b*tch then how can you get mad when someone else does?! Grow up and realize that no matter how you try to justify calling yourself that, th…