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Woman's Study Bible

One of my favorite types of books to review are bibles. Why?
Because the content generally does not change although the delivery and add-ons do.
Most bibles I have are generally unisex bibles, that can be used by either myself or my husband. However, this one I have been using lately is engineered specifically for women. The notes and articles and commentary are geared towards women and helping us in our daily walk with God.
(What the outside looks like)
(What the edges of the pages look like)
Not only that but it is absolutely beautiful. It is cloth over-board so it has the feel of a beautiful cloth hardback. Jesus' words are in red, so they are easily identifiable. And best of all, the print is large enough for me read without my glasses. There are colorful maps throughout the Bible (not just in the back). It is literally one of the most beautiful Bibles I've ever owned.
I also love that while it is a study bible, it does not go overboard with the footnotes/commentary. Ther…