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The Complete Jewish Study Bible

In one of the bible studies I wrote last year, I remember looking through several different versions of the bible to see the names of God in Jewish and its meaning in English.  And one version I came across A LOT was the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB).  This version tends to use a lot of the original Hebrew words, which is amazing for the layperson who does not speak or read Hebrew, it helps them to be able to learn some words.
(See the Hebrew word for Genesis is B'resheet, didn't even know that!)

This one I like. It's hardcover, which I personally like all of my bibles to be hardcover. 
I also like that there are study notes and helpful tips to understand what the Jewish culture was like in each era.
(In this short article, it explains the name the Elohim and the significance behind it and its use)
 It has two marker ribbons as well, which is good when cross referencing.
(Back cover of the bible)

I give this book 2 thumbs up! I definitely recommend, probably not for the new…

No More Faking Fine

If we're really honest, MANY of us are guilty of saying we're okay and everything is going well, when it's really not or on the inside we feel as though we're drowning.

I timidly raise my hand as one of those in that circle. Life has been a constant struggle to key my head above water for about the last 6 months if I'm honest.
It's been hard and to everyone on the outside, you'd think things have been fine, great even.
And that's why I enjoyed and cried while reading No More Faking Fine by Esther Fleece.
She hits raw parts, the vulnerable parts that I dare not show to the outside world of how things can look fine and not really be fine.

The book starts off with Esther's life story, helping the reader to get some context for what she states and how raw she really is in sharing that you don't need to fake being ok.
Esther then goes on to share what lamenting really is. It's giving yourself time to hurt and feel the pain. It's a prayer to …