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Kids' Devotional Bible

Does anyone else's children like having their own bibles?? *Raises and waves hand profusely*
My children, like having their own bible and being able to sit with me when I read my bible. They like knowing that when I grab my bible for church on Sunday, they can grab their bibles. For example, today is Sunday and my kids immediately made sure to grab their bibles on the way out the door to church.  They also like being able to look and read along in their bible when I'm reading aloud during our morning devotions.
Since I'd allowed my daughter to keep the Color Bible for herself, since she likes that many verses are already highlighted and color coded to tell her what she is reading about. 
This is one is for my boy. He's a new reader (5 years old) so thankfully this NIRV bible breaks the verses down for him to be able to learn to read without too much difficulty. I also like the fact that he can actually color in the bible with the different drawings that are in it, whi…

Gratitude Coloring Journal

So the craze right now is journaling bibles...especially those that have coloring inside as well. Some examples are the Inspire Bible by Tyndale, the Beautiful Word Bible by Zondervan, My Creative Bible by Christian Art Publishers, and the Illustrators Notetaking Bible (HCSB). I personally own the HCSB Illustrators Notetaking Bible. I have seen the Inspire Bible and Beautiful Word Bible in person, they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.
So imagine my joy when I am offered the chance to review the Gratitude Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal!!!! Such a happy girl :)
This is a journaling devotional on gratitude. And it is awesome and beautiful. and a great size for travel. Some of the devotion pages are lined and others are not. It encourages you to draw or doodle. To praise God in your creative expression.
Here are some photos of the inside so you can see just how beautiful it really is. It's a bit smaller than an iPad Mini, so it can be easily thrown into a purse or diaper bag (ahem! lol)…

Ecclesiastes Commentary

This is apart of a new commentary series. Each book of the bible is approached in a way that attempts to explain the book of the bible from a Christ centered perspective. So the copy I received is on Ecclesiastes. 

I will be totally honest:  I am NOT a fan of this approach to writing a commentary. 
I prefer a verse by verse breakdown versus going section by section breaking down the meaning. I also dislike how the commentary seems to jump around at times, trying to tie together different themes found in the book.
I would not recommend this commentary to anyone.

{FYI: I did receive this book from the publisher (B&H) in exchange for my HONEST opinion.}

Mornings with Tozer

A.W. Tozer was an American Christian pastor, preacher, author, magazine editor, and spiritual mentor. He died in 1963. And as a prolific preacher of the Word.  Many books have come out bearing his name. One such book is: Mornings with Tozer.

It is a compilation of daily devotional readings. According to the publisher's (Moody Publishers) website:  Many of these 365 devotional readings come from sermons Tozer preached close to his death in 1963, marking them with a deep concern for spiritual intimacy and true worship. He urges you to pursue God, confess sin, pray fervently, and seek the Spirit. Let this book be a garnish in your feast of God’s Word.
I'll be honest, I was a wee bit skeptical because it is a compilation of readings from his sermons, probably his sermon notes. However, it is similar to the many other devotional I have come across, starts with a bible verse, dives into a devotional calling us to relationship not religion, and ends with a prayer starter. There is n…