Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Searching the Scriptures

If you're trying to gain not only a better relationship with God but to also learn His Word, this is a book to have:  Searching the Scriptures by Charles R. Swindoll. A little background on the author: Swindoll is a teacher of the Word, and has been in the pastorate since 1963 and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS).

I enjoy that the book reads well BUT it also has "homework" which makes you use what you read and makes you practice what Charles Swindoll is teaching in this book. I will say it isn't a book to complete in a day. This is a book to savor, take a chapter a day or a chapter every two days so that you can really digest what Swindoll is teaching. I have been reading and completing the "homework" everyday in the evenings when my littles are in the bed and it has been a total eye opening blessing. Teaching and convicting my spirit on much of my personal actions, or rather lack thereof.

This is an well written and added book to my arsenal of study aids.

I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for an HONEST review.

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