Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So this is literally a bible study and that is its full intended purpose. The tag line is "Grace to live every day better than before." The study is meant to be completed over a course of six weeks. There are also corresponding video sessions to go with each week (I do not have access to those to view). 

Week 1: When Love makes a promise. 
Week 2: When Love never fails. 
Week 3: When Love makes a way.
Week 4: When Love changes you.
Week 5: When Love breaks your chains.
Week 6: When Love leads you home.

Even though the word love is used, I can comfortable interject God in place of the it. 
The weeks are 7 days long, I point this out because many studies usually do a 5 day a week schedule. It is quite funny that Angela tries to immediately attack any reason why we would say we cannot do the study. And combat that with the reason we need to do the study.

This is the first page of week 1, of the study. 

 I haven't gotten through the entire study yet. However I think it is worth taking a look at and going through especially if you are even almost near an identity crisis. And to be honest, I have been in that place. Sometimes I revisit that place. And this is the reminder to walk away from that place that I am redeemed. That it only matters what GOD says about me and who GOD says I am.

{FYI: I got this book from B&H Publishers in exchange for my HONEST review.}

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