Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Art of Worship

I'll be honest for a while this book intimidated me. Maybe because I knew that with reading it came a need for change in how I do life, in how I worship God.

and I was right.

Worship in its purest form is a way of life. 

As John MacArthur puts it, nothing we do is more important than worship. It will govern every aspect of our lives.

This book takes us, passage by passage through the Bible showing us not only how to worship but also the importance of worship and why it needs to be a priority.

A lot of times, at least for me, people tend to see worship as the time during service when we are singing unto the Lord (i.e. praise and worship). However John MacArthur paints a picture of worship being more than that and extending beyond Sunday service. 

For the longest, I had thought of worship as just the singing unto God, regardless of time or location. But this book trumps that thought. It informs me that worship is everything. It is in my attitude towards everything I do. Is my attitude nasty? Am I doing things/working as unto man or as unto the Lord? 

And those questions will prompt the change that will accompany reading this book. The next question will be: where does worship lie on my list of priorities? Is far down the totem pole or is it at the top of my priorities, leading the way for my interaction with everything else on my list?

And one thing about God is that He says "He desires those who worship Him in spirit and in truth." And that is in everything that we do.

Even better is the study guide (free) available on Moody Publishers, just scroll down to "free resources."

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