Friday, July 29, 2016

Illustrated Journaling Bible


I have wanted an illustrated journaling bible for SO long. And finally I have one thanks to B&H Publishing sending me one to review!

My immediate reaction: LOVE!
It is very beautiful! It is made to lay flat as you journal and color the illustrations in the bible. The one that I have is leather on outside grey and white with gold. I like that the illustrations are either Scripture or nature. There are also some articles within the bible that ask and answer a question. One is "How to Read and Study the Bible." This one that I have is an HCSB (Holman Christian Standard Bible) version. I actually really like the translation. It kind of puts me in the mind of a NASB translation. I also like that in the beginning of the bible it explains the translation, what manuscripts it used, and features found in the bible. It is a decent size, large enough to read without my glasses yet small enough to toss down in my diaper bag to take with me.

Being able to color in the illustrations is a great help in calming me down when I am upset or having a hard day. It just focuses my attention to the Scripture I am coloring in.

This is the outside of the Bible.

This is what the inside looks like. As you can see I have been having fun.

Another shot of the inside of the bible. As you can see there is room to color and room to jot down some notes.

These are the color pencils that I use in the bible (on sale at Walmart for $0.50). I personally do not recommend anything heavier than a color pencil or gel pen considering how thin the pages are and especially not markers as I think they'd bleed through.


I love your feedback. Your testimony, comment or suggestion could always help the next person. LOVE.

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