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Book Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God

The Good, The Bad and the Grace of God.  This was fairly hard for me to get into as a book, as it has a fairly slow start.
It starts off as a narrative of the lives of Jep and Jessica. You know, where they are from, what they were like as kids, what their parents and grandparents were like. However it switches back and forth, with Jep having a chapter, then Jessica having a chapter, and so forth. The book delves into how they met and their first impressions of each other. It goes on to encompass their lives and lessons they've learned along the way.  I like that they don't shy away from discussing their faith and how their family came to be Christians. I love the connection you feel between them and their grandparents. I also enjoyed their impressions of each other. It's like wow, they both were smitten with each other although they've always lived near each other and never ran into each other. It kind of reminds me of my husband and I.
I'll be honest, I was inter…