Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What is YOUR Anything?

Jennie Allen asks us, what is our Anything?
The prayer that sets us apart for Jesus. 
What are you willing to do, to give up, in order to do what God has called you to do?
That my friends is your Anything.
My Anything, is laying my entire life on the altar.
 I put my children, my marriage, my blog, my EVERYTHING on the altar and told God ANYTHING, EVERYTHING, whatever HE wanted.

Anything is a prayer of Surrender. We sing the song (at least I have) yet we don't always literally surrender all to Jesus. We don't always let Him wreck our lives to build up the life He has in mind for us. The book is broken down into three sections. What keeps us from Anything (the comforts and fears in life). Praying Anything, it's a sincere prayer that will change your life forever. Living Anything, after you pray anything and surrender all, you now have to LIVE it. You have live with God at the steering wheel. You have to defer to whatever God tells you to do. And this is where we slack. We pray anything but we don't live anything. I am guilty of this. I have prayed Anything but I have a hard time living Anything. Jennie helps to make sense of this so that we can effectively pray anything and live anything. 

It starts with Yes, Lord. I surrender all Lord. And a heart to obey.

 Gracefully, Joyfully, Gratefully.

This copy of Anything is the newly released and updated version. Jennie Allen shares what her Anything looks like now since the initial release of Anything.
It has a bible study in the back, the same one that just started over at Faith Gateway. 

If you are willing to pray Anything and live Anything. Join the study here.

{P.S. You know I do reviews in exchange for being able to read these books before anyone else does. However you should also know this is my personal views}


  1. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed! Check out some of the newer content.


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