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Learning the Bible

I think for a child, learning the bible is one of the most important things we can teach them, behind learning to pray and having a relationship with God.
As a parent, I have been looking for an easy way to help my children learn the bible as we work with them on prayer and communing with God. I let them see me during my quiet time so that they can see what communion with God looks like (for me, as it may look different for them).

This book is awesome!!!! I mean, there are 52 passages in the book and it takes children on a five day journey to understanding and memorizing each one. The first one was John 3:16. After 5 days my children did not fully memorize the verse but they did understand the verse. I am satisfied with at least that much.
As a parent, I would definitely recommend this to other parents of children. How many of us struggle with teaching Scripture to our children? I know I do. Especially with thinking up ways to help them retain the verse and its meaning.
Honestly I wi…