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The Book to Open My Eyes

Every so often I will take the time to indulge in a fiction novel. Recently I was offered the opportunity to read a fiction novel by D.J. Williams, "The Disillusioned." This book does two things in the overall course of the story it challenges it's reader to care about people they've never met and it challenges what we truly believe and how we carry out our faith in God. This novel is about a family tragedy that sends two brothers on a chase to honor their deceased mother's will. However in doing so these brothers entangle themselves in one of the largest most heinous human trafficking rings in Africa.  Mind you they are the children of one of America's most beloved preachers and their mother committed suicide. This story was beyond engrossing.  I read the entire novel in 1 day. It beckoned to figure out to aid in the cause to stop human trafficking. I recommend this book especially if you know you want a really good read that's worth reading. It's …