Saturday, February 22, 2014

This Mama's Favorite Homeschooling Websites!

I am sure you know by now that I am a proud homeschooling mama! I enjoy teaching my children and watching them learn.

So I decided to compile a list of websites I go to regularly. Why? Because I'm sure there are plenty of other mamas who do not make their own worksheets and would rather have PDF copies of worksheets so that other children can use the same worksheets and maybe to repeat a concept or lesson. I prefer to print out worksheets because actually...It's A LOT cheaper than buying workbooks and once I download the file I've got it for future use.

So first up is Jamerrill's website: Free Homeschool Deals I have been utilizing this website for the last two years. I absolutely love that she compiles freebies from all over the web. I have access to plenty of printables at this one website.

Next up is Carisa's website: 1+1+1=1. I love this website because Carisa puts together whole workbooks. And they are themed (i.e. Cars, Sofia the First, Daniel Tiger). What better way to get your child interested in doing school work than to have their favorite character on the page! (Some is free, some does cost)

Then there is Lauren's website: Mama's Learning Corner. She also have full workbooks and I love that she covers every subject including the Bible!

These are the main three websites I go to for homeschooling printables. There is always others, however I remain faithful to these ones. Of course I may venture out here and there to other websites if I'm looking for a specific printable. Perfect example: this morning I was looking for a money counting printable and I googled one instead of going to their websites because there's a certain format I wanted.

So tell me, what homeschooling websites/blogs do you like?

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  1. Thank YOU so much for including FHD in your list. I love Carissa and Lauren's sites, too! xoxo


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