Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

OMGoodness!! It's 2014! Seems like 2013 passed by so quickly to me. 
I am so thankful for everything we have learned and experienced in 2013. 
I am thankful for my expanding family.
I am thankful for my Lord God who has shown us that no matter what happens He has held us in the very palms of His hands. 

At the very end of last year I decided a few things:
  • I plan to start my accounting firm. Nothing big just me with prayerfully a couple of clients.
  • I want to add more consistent content with this blog.

So on to the books! In 2013 I reviewed a quite a few books. I think in 2013 I may have done too many book for 2014 I plan to be more selective with the books I review. I think I will limit myself to 1 per month or 1 every other month. Thus far there is only 1 book on my list of those to read and review Loveology by John Mark Comer (currently reading now). From what I've gathered thus far this book aims to really tell the story of love going back to the beginning.

This book does not release in stores until October be on the lookout.

Are there any books you plan to read this year?

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