Sunday, November 3, 2013

Update & A book review!

Oooohhh the goodness!!!!

So here's the latest update: We are currently expecting our third child, due in May (literally days before Caleb's 3rd birthday)! This is such awesome news for our family because we have been trying for over a year for our third child and we miscarried last summer. So we are completely ecstatic about the impending birth of baby #3.

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Which brings me to the book review....well sorta. 

So the latest item to hit the Bush household for review is the Adventure Bible Handbook! This book is absolutely awesome. It's not exactly a bible but is set up like a guide to the bible using comic strips. It goes from beginning to end of the bible. It reads like a guide to the different books of the bible. The great thing is that while it goes into detail on certain stories and people in the bible, it also lists the exact passage in the bible that correlates with it.

So far the kiddos love it. They love the comic strip part the most and Caleb loves that its small enough for him to pick up on his own, lol.

Since I like the Adventure Bible Handbook so much. I now want to try the Adventure Bible with the kids.

So have any of you read the Adventure Bible to your children? And are you interested in the Adventure Bible Handbook?

Love greatly, love freely.

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