Saturday, July 6, 2013

NIV Leadership Bible

This Bible also includes:
  • The complete text of the best-selling modern-English translation, the New International Version (NIV) Bible.
  • Book Introductions that underscore key leadership concepts in every book of the Bible.
  • Home Pages and Daily Studies offer 52 weeks of studies on topics important to every leader.
  • Study Windows reinforce the understanding of Biblical leadership throughout the text.
  • Character Profiles show how the personal attributes and decisions of biblical characters affected their relationships with others.
  • Topical Index highlights Bible passages most relevant to specific concerns.
  • Bibliography
(^^^^This is the description the publisher gives of the book.)

This Bible is absolutely AWESOME. First the image you see ^^^ is the sleeve that the bible comes packaged in. The Bible itself is Italian leather duo tone, a light caramel and a dark caramel.

Because of the type of Bible that it is, there is no footnotes (as one would see in a study bible) but there are leadership notes, 52 weeks worth of leadership notes. This bible is meant to be read of course like any other bible but also in roughly 52 weeks. Each week consists of 5 days, and each day has its set passage however the way it is set up you may have day week 4 day 1 in Genesis and day 2 could be somewhere in the New Testament. 

My favorite thing about this Bible is the print, I wear glasses and I love that the print is large enough for me to see without my glasses but not so large that it can be defined as a "large print" book. I love that the paper is of good quality. When compared to my NIV Study Bible, the paper in the NIV Leadership Bible is thicker than the paper in the NIV Study Bible.

All in all, the NIV Leadership Bible has become my everyday Bible and my NIV Study Bible I use when I am studying the Word or want a particular passage broken down for better understanding.

I would recommend this bible to any leader or anyone in leadership training. Sometimes you don't always want the footnotes. Sometimes you just want to read and spend time focusing on the Word itself and this is a great Bible to do so with.

[FYI: I received this Bible from the publisher (through the BookSneeze program), for the purpose of my HONEST review.]

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