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So I have huge news. I just got a position at Best Buy as a Microsoft Specialist. I'm uber excited about this position. This is huge for our family because this is a position I want, that I hope to retain for a while. The awesome thing about this position is that I will be trained in store and out of store by a corporate trainer. I will also become certified in pretty much everything Microsoft, which I think will help in some capacity in the long run.
And YES, we will still be homeschooling. Our children will just alternate between mommy and daddy this school year. My only concern is seeing how they will react to me working because before, they were not okay with me working.
I will still be posting and reviewing books. As a matter of a fact...I just got an awesome leadership bible (NIV) in the mail to review. Be on the lookout!

So quick word: In this generation we seem to be so ill prepared for life. Many of us don't take our jobs seriously as parents. Many of us don't know ho…

Quick Update

Sorry I have not been blogging as much. There has been so much going on, I will share some of it at a later date (when I'm more comfortable). One thing I can tell you is that, Kaylee finished Kindergarten with a 96% and she starts First Grade in August. So we are excited about that. Caleb is starting to add new words to his vocabulary and we have plans to start working with him this fall. {Insert koolaid smile}
I am still reviewing books and will have a new review posting in a couple days.
For the summer break, there won't be much schooling, however Kaylee is reading a few times a week, trying to bump that up to every single day. On top of that we bought a reading workbook, so she can work on reading but also writing. There is a workbook I saw in Target that I want to purchase, its about $10, it has worksheets for all subjects in it. I'd like to use it for the summer months to keep her up to date for when class starts back in August.
Currently, I am taking it one day at time.…