Thursday, May 23, 2013


As a person where do you stand?

Are you one who spectates and comments or are you one who realizes that what you see may not be all there is? Lately I have been observing quite a few things with people and one thing that seems to be prevalent is people having a religious spirit. What I mean by a religious spirit, is those people who feel that there are certain dos and don'ts of being a Christian and if any one does what they deem to be a don't, then that person is not a true Christian. 
Now of course there are some things that are not up for discussion among the actions of a Christian such as choice of lifestyle. For example, God, Himself, says homosexuality is an abomination and that has not changed. But then there are the things that fall in the "grey area" such as people who have gotten tattoos; different people believe different things. Yet at the end of the day what matters is that person's heart. If they have heart to please the Lord, then that's all that matters.

I address this because people think that Christians are going to be perfect, live perfect, and make perfect decisions. As if we don't stumble and have issues like everyone else.

Honestly we have issues like the next person and sometimes those issues are harder to handle because of the fact that we have given our lives to Christ. The attacks are stronger, the tests get harder, but they are all for God's glory. We are all supposed to spread the Gospel. Some people spread it differently than others. Some people do missions in other countries, some minister to the prostitutes and strippers. Others use music. The point is that each person has a God appointed route to share the Gospel even if its just at work or at school.

Everyone's walk is NOT the same. Your walk is NOT look like my walk, your process will not look like nor feel like my process. So how can I hold you to the same standards or try to judge you because you don't do things the way I think you should? I can NOT. I am NOT the Lord so I do NOT have a place to judge. I can come to you and try to help you if I see you stumble but no I cannot judge you, no one can. 

So my purpose in writing this is to encourage the next person, the new believer. So that they can see that all of God's children are not judgmental that we welcome them into this faith and are willing to help them along the way. There may be a time of correction but understand that this is to be done with LOVE and come from a place of LOVE. 

The next time you see someone struggling, do something to HELP them. Don't open your mouth unless its for uplifting and encouraging. 
Gossiping does nothing to help and is never done in LOVE. And the bible itself speaks on it  (See Ephesians 4:29, 1Timothy 5:13, Luke 6:31).

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