Sunday, March 3, 2013

What gods are at war for your heart?

As a Christian you don't assume that you have idols or have made gods of people/things. But the truth is that at some point in life, many of us have. And the bad part is that we don't notice it. 

It took me about four days to read through this book because I really took my time reading it and digesting what I read. Kyle Idleman identifies 9 major areas in which we make gods of things/places/people. Kyle goes even further than just identifying these areas, he asks pertinent questions so we can identify within ourselves if we have made gods in our lives.

I will be dead honest, it was not until the literal last three gods: romance, family, and me, that I got so convicted I had to cry out to God for forgiveness. As a stay at home wife and mom, I don't work, money doesn't do it for me BUT I have put my husband and children at the forefront that God was like OK, since you put them before me, I will make you lose them (not by death but because of my flesh). I don't think I would have realized the gravity of what I had been doing if it weren't for reading this book. Now I have repented and am working to keep God in place the GOD of my life and to love my husband and children in order to which they are due.

I will encourage every person, every Christian, especially if you trying to live completely for God, then you need to read this book. Read it and ask yourself the questions in the book see which gods you are putting in place of the one true God. It will convict your spirit and it will challenge you to change your heart and dethrone whatever god is in place that is not our Father in heaven, the one true God.

[Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my HONEST review....this is as real and as raw as it gets!]

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