Thursday, January 17, 2013


           Today I read a post on a Facebook group that I am in and it nearly broke my heart. A woman who was "leading" one of the Luke bible study groups had posted that she quit and deleted her group. Her reasoning? Her pastor told her she wasn't qualified to lead a bible study group, that she had not prepared enough. Mind you, she isn't teaching but merely the glue that holds the group together. 
         For instance I "lead" a group as well, I am not teaching in my group but sharing what I learned and encouraging my group members to share what they learned so we can feed off each other. I liken it to a college study group. A group of classmates get together to study for a big exam, you take the initiative to get everyone involved, ask a few questions and quiz each other on what you're studying. Would you be considered the professor? No, you aren't teaching, those aren't your credentials. What you're doing is studying together.

         Want to know why this struck a nerve with me? This struck so deep with me because I had someone tell me almost the exact same thing. Told me if I started a bible study group that I would be attacked by the devil because I was branching out and starting a ministry and that I was not qualified to do so. And guess what I wanted to do? A bible study, not one where I'm teaching but one where I got to meet new people and fellowship where we got to read and share what we understood from the reading. More like a book club or similar to a college study group. No professor just a bunch of students working together to advance our understanding of the material.

       Want know about people who were not particularly "credentialed" to be leaders yet God called them to lead anyway? Moses, who stuttered and murdered, was called to be one of the greatest leaders of Israel. David, the youngest, the adulterer, the murderer (yes he arranged a man's death) and yet God called him to be one of Israel's greatest kings. God called David "man after His own heart." Ever think about Josiah, the king who became king as a child. Who was responsible for an entire nation when most kids were still out playing? And guess what Josiah was one of the kings who tried to lead Israel back to the Lord. Then there is Jeremiah, a great prophet of the the Old Testament. It is because of his self-doubt that we see the Lord say "Do not say 'I am too young.' You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you." (Jeremiah 1:7) 

        What I am saying is don't let naysayers stop you from doing what you are led to do. If God leads you to do something, you keep your eyes focused on what God said to do. Because man can be swayed and corrupted, man can lead us down the wrong path. And they could have the best intentions yet if those intention don't line up with what God said, them intentions don't matter. They could be someone in an authority position, it doesn't mean that they are always right. They, too, are susceptible of being wrong, of allowing their flesh to get in the way.

~Love to you
Kris Bush


  1. Thanks for this post. God uses the people we least expect - considering the fact that David's father did not even bother to invite him to the meeting with Samuel! The people in authority also tried to stop the apostles but thank God they obeyed God instead

    1. Yele, you are so right! I've learned that when I'm not tuned into God then I won't hear or notice when He's using someone to speak to me.. God bless!


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