Friday, December 14, 2012


     Moms have you ever felt that your kids had a little too many Christmas gifts? Or is there even a such thing as having too much?

           This Christmas my husband and I are faced with this question. We weren't expecting out of town grandparents to really send them Christmas gifts. Then of course they had three sets of grandparents to send them Christmas gifts on top of what we already bought them for Christmas. Now we're like...O.K. One we're running out of room to even hide the gifts, LOL. And two we're OMG, they are spoiled they're going to have so much that it all probably won't fit in their bedroom (they share a room) after Christmas. We thought about giving much of it away but then we're like no people actually put thought into these gifts, that doesn't seem appreciative. 

       So our solution has been to allow them to keep their gifts this year but make sure to emphasize what Christmas is really about so that they aren't caught up on receiving gifts. Plus we said next year we won't buy so much ourselves just in case the kids grandparents send so much like they did this year.

     I will say this much. Thank you Jesus for the abundance because we are well aware there are many families who don't have. Maybe while my hubby is off work we can donate some of their toys. {I need his help since I don't drive much and would have both little people, LOL}

     Oh and FYI...after the new year there will be a book giveaway! {Details will be announced on 01/14/13}

     I hope and pray that ALL of you are having a joyful holiday season and Merry Christmas from the Bush Family!!

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