Monday, November 19, 2012

New Devotional

Hi Everyone!!! Moms..Dads...this post is for you!

           We all want our children to know God and to grow and develop a relationship with Him. I know we do. So on NetGalley, I saw the Action Bible Devotional for Kids and decided to request it. Great decision. So far my daughter loves it! She looks forward to each day's reading and answering the questions as well as the after activities it provides.

           I want to encourage all of my readers to please encourage your child(ren), nieces, nephews, cousins to start reading the bible early. Instill in them the want and need of knowing God early. Teach them who God is early so that they won't have so learn later in life after they've bumped their heads. Teach them NOW so that they will know that nothing they could ever do in life would separate them from the Lord. Teach them who Jesus really is. Don't leave your child's knowledge and future salvation up to whoever teaches them in Sunday school or leave it to chance because you think they're "too young" to learn. They will never be too young and it will never be too early.

         The Action Bible Devotional has colorful pictures that depict what goes on in the bible it tells the story and even has the key memory verse for each story. Then there are questions, activities, and some have a blank page for the kids to write or draw in what they learned. It keeps them engaged and wanting to learn the bible, which is what we, as parents, want.

Right now I see the bible at Wal-Mart for $15 which is a decent price.

~ I hope you all have a great day.
Love to you all
Kris Bush


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