Hey everyone!!! 
Guess what?? I found a coupon code for a FREE journal from Paper Coterie!!!!

The code is "welcomejournal" (without the quotation marks and no spaces). The only drawback is that you must pay for shipping! (which is about $7 for economy shipping)

I hope you enjoy and let me know if and when you receive your free journal!!! 

I also received an email for a free week at Curves!!! Follow the link below!

Free car seat canopy and a $130 caboodle set for $29.95! For the mommies!!! You can go to

Promo code is "FAMILY2012" (without the quotations and no spaces). Once again the drawback is paying for shipping.  (which is about $12.95)

Love to you all!!!

~Kris Bush

P.S. I am on cloud 9 today my mommy was pronounced CANCER FREE!!!! I have spent many tears and prayers for this!!! Thank you JESUS! Cause it was only by the grace of GOD!!!!


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