Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family and Organization

          Lately, I have been going out of my mind. It’s as if my mommy mojo has slowly been drying up and I’m running on E. I feel so unorganized and all over the place. Then on top of me feeling out of it, I still have the kids who have been pulling me in every which direction, literally pulling me in every direction. If it’s not Kaylee wanting me to sit down for her to read to me, it’s Caleb wanting me to play with him or soothe him to sleep. So I decided to adopt more organization.

First I started with organizing our home-school routine. I noticed that we need more structure. Thankfully on Facebook I have liked a page “Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling” ( and it has been a wealth of information and help with organizing our home-school routing. I decided to go further and check out Jamerrill’s (creator of Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling) website. On there I have found the Free & Frugal Homeschool Planning Pack ( OMGoodness!!! It is a major help to me!! I have found all different types of charts and lists to help us out. And guess what?? It’s FREE. And I love free; we are on a serious budget. So any and everything that I can find for free to help me is awesome!

Next I decided to organize our meals. Too often I hate that I have to grocery shop too many times throughout the month. So I decided to remedy that. And after being on Jamerrill’s website I have found her weekly/monthly meal planning charts, which I have decided to use to help organize our family even more. Now I plan on grocery shopping only ONCE in November and have it last our family the entire month. {here is the post:}

Lastly I looked at different posts about chores and delegating them appropriately as well as being organized so that they all get done in an orderly fashion, so I made up our own chore charts. The kids have theirs and I have mine. So far it’s been keeping us on track. However I will post an update in a month or so.

I've also decided I need to implement and be FIRM about bedtime/nap-time so that I can get to bed at a reasonable time and get up early enough to have some mommy quiet time. Pray for me y’all I tend to lag around in bed when I need to be up reading and praying and getting myself together for the day.

I know that this is so much on my life but I encourage you to organize your family life and I am sure it will help a lot in terms of not being stressed over the little day-to-day things. {Plus COZI helps out a lot too. Keeps me reminded of things I need to know}

And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” –Habakkuk 2:2

Love to you all
Kris Bush

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