Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today I was reading and studying in the gospels. Reading different portions of Matthew and Mark. And one thing I noticed is that when Jesus would work a miracle or heal a person, the spectators are usually said to be 'amazed' whereas a few times you hear of the spectators or those being told second hand to have 'believed.' And that made all the difference back then just as it does now.
Many of us will see God work a miracle in our lives and be amazed yet still go on living as we were taking nothing from the experience except the benefits from God.
I want to push you to see God work a miracle in your life and yes be amazed, God is revealing Himself to you. Now what are you going to? Believe. Believe in Him who took the time to reveal His glory to you. And follow Him so that you can be transformed by Him. To look more like Him, to have His heart. That's the objective. To live upon this earth during our allotted time and to have a heart like Jesus to share His Word with every person we come into contact with.

When the great I AM reveals Himself to you. Be thankful. Because He is showing you that you have more than enough reason to praise Him. There is life in Jesus. There is more than amazement. To stay stuck in amazement could leave you detached from Jesus. 
To leave you like the people who heard Jesus and saw Him work miracles, they saw, they were amazed and yet they did nothing.  Jesus came to save those that are lost. AND guess what each of us at some point was lost. And for each person that is found and is living for Christ, they need to reach back to help someone else be found so that they may have salvation.

Jesus does NOT care who you are! That is why He amazes you. That is why He reveals Himself to you. So that you can see He wants you regardless to your past!

Like this little girl running to her father...That is how we should run to our Heavenly Father! Be amazed & be transformed!

God loves you immensely without reserve!
Accept it & Love Him back! Love Him with your life!


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