Sunday, May 6, 2012


Today I was reading and studying in the gospels. Reading different portions of Matthew and Mark. And one thing I noticed is that when Jesus would work a miracle or heal a person, the spectators are usually said to be 'amazed' whereas a few times you hear of the spectators or those being told second hand to have 'believed.' And that made all the difference back then just as it does now.
Many of us will see God work a miracle in our lives and be amazed yet still go on living as we were taking nothing from the experience except the benefits from God.
I want to push you to see God work a miracle in your life and yes be amazed, God is revealing Himself to you. Now what are you going to? Believe. Believe in Him who took the time to reveal His glory to you. And follow Him so that you can be transformed by Him. To look more like Him, to have His heart. That's the objective. To live upon this earth during our allotted time and to have a heart like Jesus to share His Word with every person we come into contact with.

When the great I AM reveals Himself to you. Be thankful. Because He is showing you that you have more than enough reason to praise Him. There is life in Jesus. There is more than amazement. To stay stuck in amazement could leave you detached from Jesus. 
To leave you like the people who heard Jesus and saw Him work miracles, they saw, they were amazed and yet they did nothing.  Jesus came to save those that are lost. AND guess what each of us at some point was lost. And for each person that is found and is living for Christ, they need to reach back to help someone else be found so that they may have salvation.

Jesus does NOT care who you are! That is why He amazes you. That is why He reveals Himself to you. So that you can see He wants you regardless to your past!

Like this little girl running to her father...That is how we should run to our Heavenly Father! Be amazed & be transformed!

God loves you immensely without reserve!
Accept it & Love Him back! Love Him with your life!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's the end of another day and I find myself reflecting.
One thing that I think about is people. People have a chance at perfection yet because of unbelief they don't realize it. Perfection sounds impossible BUT what is impossible with God? Nothing, nada, nunca, zilch!
We are humans, born into a world of sin. And people use that fact as an excuse as to why they are not doing better, taking the initiative to do better and be better. Yet I think that fact should be all the more reason to not blend into the world and be the person God created and called you to be. Everything that is 'acceptable' to the world, does not have to be acceptable to you. It is OK to be different. To stand out.

Even if you have conformed to this world. It's not too late to be transformed into a new person, a person that stands out and is unblended from this world. It's OK to take a stand and say no. I'm going to do what is right because first its the right thing to do and second it's what God would want me to do. Doing's right and what feels right are two different things. Don't always look to your emotions for the 'green light' because your emotions are guided by your heart and your heart is one the most deceiving things under the sun. If your heart can be corrupted than so can your thoughts and your soul.

You didn't give yourself your life. God bestowed your life upon you. So why do you not glorify Him with your life? I learned this lesson within the last 2 years. It's not quite an easy or obvious lesson to learn because we are taught early on about self. To do whatever makes you happy and satisfies you. Some of us are even taught that our emotions are an indicator of what we should do in situations.

How many of you were told that as long as you believed in Jesus you were saved & would go to heaven?? How many were not informed that believing also included repenting of your sins & turning from them to live for Jesus?? Welp I was one of those people having a general knowledge of Jesus but never fully knowing Him until I needed Him until my spirit started yearning for Him. But then I thought church & bible study should be enough. And for a while it was because I letting my flesh run wild, I was pleasing my flesh & not giving a second thought to Christ. It wasn't until I met & married my husband that I fully realized that the void I had could only be filled by Christ & that going to church twice a week WAS NOT enough. I started studying, I changed pastors. Going from a large church to a very small ministry where I could receive one-on-one learning time.

The transition seems easy, on paper, however it was by no means easy. I started losing friends, the deeper in Christ I went the more friends & family I lost (meaning stopped communicating with). And at first it hurted. I couldn't understand why people could not understand my life was turned over to Christ. Yet as time worn on, it didn't hurt. And now it does not hurt. I could care less who is standing by me through my walk. Because at the end of the day its not about me or them. It's about Christ and His kingdom.

I tell you all of this because I am showing you that I too am human capable of mistakes, capable of sin. I amtrying to show you that it is great living for Christ. That there is a transformation that must occur once you become sold out for Christ. And through that transformation you seek perfection, to be like the Son of God. To walk this earth, to feel temptation but not succumb to it. To feel pain but know that God is in control. To learn and then teach with authority (if that is your calling). Perfection can be achieved, it is through consistent, daily death. A death to your flesh and carnal desires. And to become less and less as Christ takes center stage in your life.
When you live for Christ, it shows. You will hear you look different, or something is just different about you. And there is something different you chose eternal life. And have access to true peace.

Seek His face daily. You will begin to see a change when you seek Him and all His righteousness. When you are intentionally living for Christ, you are seeking perfection.

God is abounding in grace, abounding is love, abounding in mercy, abounding in forgiveness. You just have to want it and actively reach for it. Be sincere, the Lord can spot a fake quicker than I can spot a weave, LOL.

God's amazing grace, love and mercy to you.

His Grace is sufficient enough for you. And His grace can enable you to perfection. Strive for perfection.

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