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Today I was reading and studying in the gospels. Reading different portions of Matthew and Mark. And one thing I noticed is that when Jesus would work a miracle or heal a person, the spectators are usually said to be 'amazed' whereas a few times you hear of the spectators or those being told second hand to have 'believed.' And that made all the difference back then just as it does now.
Many of us will see God work a miracle in our lives and be amazed yet still go on living as we were taking nothing from the experience except the benefits from God.
I want to push you to see God work a miracle in your life and yes be amazed, God is revealing Himself to you. Now what are you going to? Believe. Believe in Him who took the time to reveal His glory to you. And follow Him so that you can be transformed by Him. To look more like Him, to have His heart. That's the objective. To live upon this earth during our allotted time and to have a heart like Jesus to share His Word with…


It's the end of another day and I find myself reflecting.
One thing that I think about is people. People have a chance at perfection yet because of unbelief they don't realize it. Perfection sounds impossible BUT what is impossible with God? Nothing, nada, nunca, zilch!
We are humans, born into a world of sin. And people use that fact as an excuse as to why they are not doing better, taking the initiative to do better and be better. Yet I think that fact should be all the more reason to not blend into the world and be the person God created and called you to be. Everything that is 'acceptable' to the world, does not have to be acceptable to you. It is OK to be different. To stand out.

Even if you have conformed to this world. It's not too late to be transformed into a new person, a person that stands out and is unblended from this world. It's OK to take a stand and say no. I'm going to do what is right because first its the right thing to do and second it'…