Friday, January 13, 2012


I was on facebook today and I had the fortunate ability to be apart of a discussion on God and women. And a friend of mine brought up the question why does it seem as though women are depicted as the weaker vessel (this question sprang forth after noticing that Eve was targeted rather than Adam because she was much easier to deceive than he would have been yet through deceiving Eve, Adam was deceived as well by Eve herself in her ignorance.).
Another person, a woman Ty, had gave the perfect explanation. The below is her response. And needless to say I LOVED IT. She points out that we are indeed the weaker vessel by design. We were designed to be the more delicate, nurturing and compassionate of the two. That is in no way to say we are less valued or any less important than man. Just that we are more delicate. This is also the reason why women are intended to be homemakers not breadwinners. Taking care of the family and training the sons is the MAN's duty. As a woman I am honored to be a homemaker.

Well it all starts with a basis... if you're bible is the basis it clearly says we are the weaker vessel... women are not VALUED less in the eyes of God. But we are more delicate. Our nature is such. We are made to COMPLEMENT men.. notice the root word in complement? Complete. Man is designated to rule over beasts and to cultivate the land. HE (adam) was in charge. He was made first... woman was his helper. Again. That does not DEVALUE her in anyway. its quite the contrary. His job is basically IMPOSSIBLE without her... But he takes the lead. Everything has to have an arrangement. an order. God is very well organized. Everything he has ever done makes sense... Now from an individual basis anything will vary... thats the BEAUTY of us and it just shows the work of an intelligent Creator. We are all made the same yet we can develop so many different characteristics... from man to woman... but essentially our make-up or originally intended make-up is the same. it was perfect. Now we are sooo far away from imperfection OUR VIEW is quite different than the creators. 

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