Sunday, January 22, 2012

Think like a lady act like a lady

<p>I see many are enthused by Steve Harvey's book. I think he had good intentions however as women we were created by God in a certain fashion.<br>
As a woman I am thankful that I am not anything like a man. I like that I am feminine that by being a woman that it is a man's responsibility to be the man.</p>
<p>Think about it, in scripture a woman is told to submit in love. However a man is told to cherish, to love, to provide, to protect. He is also charged with being the head of house meaning that God will come to Him when necessary. <br>
Women of course we do the other domestic things such as cooking, cleaning, and nurturing the kids. However I think that's a good trade off. And nowadays men are just as clean as us &amp; some men can cook &amp; enjoy cooking. So its not all on us.</p>
<p>But even if it was I think its a good trade off. I am a stay home wife &amp; mom. I do all the domestic chores however that works for me since I don't have to work (or deal with the direct stress from it) &amp; I don't have to worry about who could be watching my children. </p>
<p>So ladies embrace being a woman. Embrace being what God made you to be. If God wanted you to think like a man, He would have made you a man &amp; not a woman. So please don't insult Him by trying to think as a man or behave like a man. </p>
<p>I remember women say they read the book so they understood men. However if you went about dating God's way then you wouldn't need to. That's because you would be so deeply embedded in God that any man trying to date you would need to seek Him prior to seeking you out. You wouldn't have to worry about sexual relations because you would know &amp; accept that sex comes along AFTER marriage not BEFORE.&nbsp; So resting in that knowledge, you wouldn't worry about such impurities. You would wait for God to send your husband instead of chasing after "randoms." In other words do EVERYTHING God's way and you won't need to worry about anything except God until your God given husband comes along & even then you trust the God in him.

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