Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spiritual Center

Your spiritual center starts with seeking out God. You develop a relationship with Him. You fellowship with Him. You grow in His word. Now many of us get to the crossroad of do I commit my life to Christ and live abundantly in Him OR do I stay living a life of sin being on the fence of obeying God and doing my own thing?

For many who are caught up in a worldly existence, committing their life to Christ seem to be the hardest thing ever. And if you are lukewarm in your stance for Christ, you become mute in your seeking of God. What I mean by mute, is that God is not quite listening to you because you have not committed to Him. You are denying Him full access to you & your life.

Now you feel off, you feel disconnected from your spiritual center. And that is why. God wants your attention & your devotion. And He's a jealous God. He won't allow you to serve Him & sin at the same time. Actually its impossible to serve both righteousness (God) and sin (devil) at the same time. If you are not serving God completely then you are serving the devil. If you choose to consistently sin knowing that what you are doing is wrong then you are snubbing God & unconsciously serving the devil's purpose.

So if you want your spiritual center back, you need to seek God and completely reconcile yourself to Him. Once you do that you are well on your way. Remember faith without works is dead. So you must confess & repent of your sins then you must make a conscious effort to not allow your flesh do what it wants.

Everyday you should ask God to kill your flesh so that it does not try to push you into sin.
I pray for you, for your strength. I pray that you fight the good fight if faith. I pray you come back into God's Will & commit actions that preserve your commitment to Christ & His kingdom. I pray that you recognize the devil's advances toward you and that you run to God for coverage.

Your initial fight is within yourself. To conquer your flesh which will always want to sin versus your spirit which wants to please God. Take it one day at a time. If you start your day off in prayer use that prayer time to ask for a fleshly death daily. And ask for God's spirit to rise up in you.

God bless you :)

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