Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life & value

Where have our values went? Society as a whole, where did our values go. It seems like after the civil rights movement happened society slowly but surely started losing sight of what's important. People started trying to find the get rich quick schemes instead of working hard & being fair. The government made it where fathers are driven from the home in order for their families to get public assistance. When the government should have made it where the ENTIRE family could get assistance regardless to whether the mothers are single or not.
Families started devaluing the importance of having God in the home, in seeking God. I'm somewhat baffled by the no church in school yet the bible is uses during inaugurations & during court cases. Where they do that at?!
I remember reading the bible &  Israel asked God for a king so they could be like other nations. And unfortunately they ended up suffering because of that & God told them they would suffer.
That is an example to be careful what you ask for & to trust God to God. Because even at our strongest we are still weaker than God. At our "wisest" we are deemed fools to God.
I just want to see this entire world turn back to God. Too many of us have become lovers of ourselves. We gab become pompous idiots, oblivious & ignorant of the God's truth.

I pray for your eyes to be opened, for your spirit to become open to God & His will. For God's will to manifest in your life. That you will seek Him & accept Him with open arms. That you are given a burning desire to fellowship with Him. That you are given an insatiable thirst for Him.

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