Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dress how you want to be Addressed.

In modern times in this society women gladly dress provocatively. They voluntarily place their bodies on display for men to ogle. Yet these same women "try" to demand respect. Hold up young lady! Think about your actions. Did you not dress yourself before you came out the house? Did you not dress yourself before you posed for those pictures? So why are you snapping because you are being addressed with the same respect to how you dressed?!
That for me is a problem. I think these young women need help into becoming young ladies. You can't expect lady like treatment without lady like behavior. That's why so many young men think its ok to disrespect women because they see women do it all the time. YES. How you present yourself can be deemed as disrespectful! If you allow curse words to come out of your mouth or refer to yourself as a b*tch then how can you get mad when someone else does?! Grow up and realize that no matter how you try to justify calling yourself that, there is no justification! Regardless to saying if I say I'm a bad b*tch then that's good. No you're still degrading yourself! Nothing you say will change that. Saying I dress like this because it makes me feel good about myself is a coward and low self esteem problem! If dressing provocative is the only way you feel attractive then YOU NEED TO SEEK GOD and get on yourself for HELP!!!
Because you can be completely covered and tastefully dressed and feel absolutely beautiful!!!

Me personally as a mom I dress tasteful everyday. And I feel beautiful everyday! I know that as a mom of two kids, I am my daughter's FIRST role model and I will definitely be a great one!

Blessings and love and peace to you!

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